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A black bladed knife with wooden handles, wrapped with desert camo paracord.   Weight: 128g 4.51 oz Total Length: 230mm 9.06 inches Blade Length: 100mm 4.0 inches B..
£7.95 £12.95
A new knife in the range that I am sure will become a best seller. This is a well crafted knife with micarta handle, good weight and deluxe case.   Weight: 144g 5.07 oz Blade Length: 75mm 3.0 inches Overall Length:..
£9.95 £14.95
A high quality, 3 piece, survival knife set. Includes a larger gutting knife, a smaller precision cutting knife and a hand saw, all in a case with a clip attached.  In order of saw, large knife and small knife:   Total Length: 185mm 7.28 inc..
£14.95 £24.95
For this knife, there is an eagle wing pattern on case, a securing string on the case, the grip kit includes a compass, fishing hook and line, matches and fake bait.   Weight: 556g 19.61oz Blade Length: 245mm ..
£19.95 £24.95
A stunning 10.5" knife with rubber handle available in black and camo.   Weight: 141g 4.90oz Blade Length: 155mm 6.0 inches Overall Length: 270mm ..
£9.95 £16.95
A deluxe high grade steel 'Rambo I' style survival knife. Sheath included.Blade length: 9" Total length: 14"  ..
A large 'Dundee style' survival knife with a stainless steel blade. Grip kit includes a compass, fishing hook, fishing line, plaster and matches. Complete with belt case & sharpening/match striking stone.   Weight: 439g 15.49oz ..
A large heavy weight Dundee knife with brass bolster and wooden handle, supplied in a leather case.Blade length: 10" Total length: 15"  ..
A black bladed, green laced knife, which also comes with a combined firestarter and whistle   Weight: 155g 5.47oz Blade Length: 92mm 3.62 inches Overall Length: ..
£6.95 £11.95
A 8.5" knife with a Pakkawood handle and firestarter that fits into the bottom of the handle which can be used against a special slot on the blade near the hilt of the knife. Full 'Tang' blade.This comes complete with nylon sheath and fastener.Blade Length: 4" Total length: 8.5"..
A stunning 9" Pakkawood knife with wooden handle and nylon case, full 'Tang' blade engraved with then Anglo Arms logo. ​ Blade Length: 4.25" Total length: 9" ..
£9.95 £14.95
A stunning Pakkawood knife with wooden handle, and full 'Tang' blade.   Weight: 180g 6.3oz Blade Length: 109mm 4.29 inches Overall Length: 230mm 9.06 inches Brand: Anglo Arms Case Info:..
£11.95 £17.95
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