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20lb Compound Bow Set 20lb Compound Bow Set
20lb -22 %
20lb Compound Bow SetSpecifications:20 DRAW WEIGHT 22" DRAW LENGTH 185 FPS 65% Let off 1.76lb WEIGHT 31" Length Plastic Limb Plastic Riser Cable Wire String 26" and 28" Wood or Fiberglass arrow recommended..
£34.95 £44.95
The Axis from EK Archery is a beautifully crafted compound bow that shoots with power and accuracy, arrow after arrow.The Axis has a draw weight of around 60 lbs and measures 32" axle to axle. This makes the bow extremely powerfull able to produce 310+ fps with some arrows. The bow itself weighs..
The Buster compound bow from EK Archery is a small and compact junior bow which is simple and easy to use making it a perfect starter bow. The riser is made from a lightweight alloy which features mounting points for the included quiver, as well as the brass sight and rubber arrow rest.The limb..
The Chameleon recurve from EK Archery is a low powered compound bow which is ideal for junior shooters to get started with a compound bow, to then progress up to a more powerful model in the future.The draw weight of the bow is 10 - 15 lbs, and the cams have a let off of 65% which equates to a ..
The Exterminator bow from EK Archery is a powerful, quiet, and very well made compound bow which is suited to the adult shooter of today with a draw weight of between 15 - 70lbs depending on how the bow is set up. The bow also has a let off of 75% for precise aiming once drawn.The riser is made..
This Compound bow from leading archery manufacturer EK Archery is built for the more experienced youth archer with a draw weight of 25 lbs to provide powerful and positive accuracy shot after shot.The overall weight of the bpw is very light which makes it easier to transport and hold steady whi..
The Kirupira is a high quality and accurate compound bow which is ideal for junior shooters and a great way to get started in the sport of archery.The bow is a of the compound design which means the ends of the limbs have a cam system fitted which increases the power and speed of the arrow once..
The Youth Compound Bow Kit from ProShot Precision is a great bow for youths to get started in the world of archery as the bow has a low draw weight so its suitable for all ages and frame sizes.The bow comes complete with 2 x fibreglass arrows, an armguard, a paper target and a basic pin sight. ..
The Protex compound bow is made by top archery manufacturer EK Archery and has been designed and made for the avid archer looking for a powerful and accurate bow for target and field archery uses. The riser is made from a lightweight and strong alloy which has mounting points for the sight and other..
The Rex Compound Bow from EK Archery is a very powerful, easy to use, and superbly made bow that is ideal for the advanced, or beginner shooter thanks to its changeable draw length and draw weight.The Draw Weight can be adjusted from 15 - 55lbs on the standard Black bow, and 20 - 65lbs on the C..
25lb Compound Bow Set 25lb Compound Bow Set
25lb -20 %
25lb Compound Bow Right Handed. (Which Means A Right Handed Archer Holds It In Their Left Hand)It is an idea first compound bow for those who want a low cost entry level compound bow.​It is constructed of ABS composite riser and ABS composite limbs to guarantee dependability and durabi..
£39.95 £49.95
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