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Compound Crossbows

Compound Crossbows are a more modern design and more high tech, they require more maintenance. They are for the more serious or experienced user.
If you are new to using crossbows, you would be better off starting with a recurve crossbow or a pistol crossbow.

Compound Crossbows generally have a little bit more power than a recurve crossbow, but for the average user this sort of power is not necessary, we do actually recommend even getting a lower draw weight with the recurve crossbows for the average back garden user.

Hunting animals with a crossbow in the UK is illegal.

Accelerator 370+ 185lb Compound Crossbow Accelerator 370+ 185lb Compound Crossbow
New 185lb
The Accelerator 370+ is part of EK Archerys Plus range that combines EKs famously well built crossbows with a variety of additional accessories that enhance your shooting experience.The Accelerator 370 will fire bolts at around 370fps for incredible accuracy and range whilst its expertly machine..
Accelerator 390+ 185lb Compound Crossbow Accelerator 390+ 185lb Compound Crossbow
New 185lb
Weighting around 7.7lbs, the Accelerator 390+ is a lot of power in a small package and produces around 400fps of muzzle energy for incredible accuracy. The crossbow is also built to last and is made with a variety of features found on high end crossbows such as a full length picatinny rail for optic..
Accelerator 410+ 185lb Compound Crossbow Accelerator 410+ 185lb Compound Crossbow
New 185lb
The Accelerator from EK archer features a reinforced composite stock that keeps the crossbow both light and strong and the textured AR style grip increase control over shot placement. The trigger has a pull weight of around 3.5lb with a crisp let off and also features an anti-dry fire mechanism that..
Blade+ 175lb Compound Crossbow Blade+ 175lb Compound Crossbow
New 175lb
The Blade+ adds a variety of improvements to the already popular Blade model to make this crossbow one of the most popular that EK manufacture.The Blade+ builds on the originators success sought after additions such as a string stopper and limb silencers to improve on its already effective perfo..
Guillotine-M+ 185lb Compound Crossbow Guillotine-M+ 185lb Compound Crossbow
New 185lb
The upgraded version of the Guilotine-M is one of the most effective compound crossbows that EK archery have ever produced and ensures that the M is a favourite amongst serious shooters.Featuring additions such as the string stopper and silencers, this crossbow is perfect for long range targets ..
Guillotine-X 185lb Compound Crossbow Guillotine-X 185lb Compound Crossbow
New 185lb
The Guillotine-X is a top quality and immensely powerful crossbow which has been designed and made by some of the finest designers and manufacturers in the world to ensure that accuracy and usability are the best available in its price range.The dual compressed fibreglass limb design maximises ..
Guillotine-X+ 185lb Compound Crossbow Guillotine-X+ 185lb Compound Crossbow
New 185lb
The Plus or + range from EK Archery enhances all their regular crossbows with a variety of accessories that maximise the crossbows shooting potential.The Guillotine X was already one of the brands most successful crossbows producing around 400 fps thanks to its expertly machined cambs and tough..
Titan 200lb Compound Crossbow
New 200lb
The Titan from EK is a tried and tested and develops a significant amount of power when firing for laser flat trajectories.This accuracy makes the Titan incredibly versatile and the reinforced riser and stock make the bow built to last. The skeleton design of the stock not only saves weight, but..
Torpedo 185lb Compound Crossbow Torpedo 185lb Compound Crossbow
New 185lb
The Torpedo Crossbow from EK Archery is an impressive piece of kit and features an aluminium construction for unparalleled strength and durability at all times, with the added bonus of lightness and control.Almost every part of the frame including the riser, cams and trigger components are CNC ..
The new Firecat Jaguar 175lb draw crossbow from Armex, the kit includes a tactical foregrip, 2 bolts, rail lube, foot stirrup and front & rear sight. Includes as standard auto safety trigger system as standard.DRAW WEIGHT (LBS): 175 FEET PER SECOND: 265 POWER STROKE: 11" WEIGHT: 5.3lbs L..
175LBS Compound Crossbow (ABS Stock/Black) Comes with scope and everything you see in the picture.This Crossbow is one of the most powerful crossbows available, and it's a real BEAST of a crossbow, at an amazing value. Although it had the same draw weight as the Jaguar crossbow the Jaguar only..
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