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150lb Rifle Crossbow Camo

150lb Rifle Crossbow Camo
150lb Out Of Stock
150lb Rifle Crossbow Camo
  • Stock: Out Of Stock
  • Brand: Man Kung
  • Model: 150LB-CAMO

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A 150lb Camo Crossbow Set
  • 150lb draw weight
  • 210 ft/s
  • 11" power stroke
  • 16" bolts recommended
  • 5.61lb weight
  • 34" length
  • 26" width
  • fibreglass limb
  • aluminium barrel

    Safety information:
    • You should always wear safety glasses when using crossbows.
    • Never point a crossbow at any animal or human, even if it's uncocked or unloaded.
    • Only cock the string and load your crossbow bolt when you're in a safe and suitable position and ready to shoot.

    Useful information:
    • Many archery clubs do not allow crossbows, please find out with your club before ordering.
    • A cocking rope will make cocking your crossbow a lot easier.
    • Rail lube will make your string last longer and make your crossbow easier to use, you should use the lube every 5 shots.
    • It is illegal to hunt with crossbows, crossbows are only for sporting and recreational use.
    • Do not dry-fire your crossbow, this may break your string, limb, or crossbow. *

    * Dry firing is when you shoot with the crossbow without a bolt, meaning the energy is not released into the bolt, but into the string, limb and crossbow body, without the bolt to slow the string down, the string will hit the end of the crossbow and cause damage to the crossbow.

    • Please remember to remove the cocking rope before shooting.

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