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150lb Jaguar I Recurve Crossbow
New 150lb -33 %
This crossbow made by EK Archery is a powerful and accurate crossbow that utilizes a recurve limb and riser power source for a smooth and strong power delivery which enables excellent accuracy downrange.The aluminium and polymer construction of the body and riser means that it is very lightweig..
£119.95 £179.95
175lb Jag I Deluxe Recurve Crossbow 175lb Jag I Deluxe Recurve Crossbow
New 175lb -25 %
This model of Crossbow is the Deluxe version of the EK Archery Jaguar crossbow and features increased power and speed, along with a red dot sight, sling, and a 3 bolt quiver for added versatility.The crossbow itself is made from Aluminium for the main body and riser for impressive strength and ..
£149.95 £199.95
175lb Jag II Pro Recurve Crossbow 175lb Jag II Pro Recurve Crossbow
New 175lb -26 %
This PRO version of the Jaguar II crossbow serves as a viable upgrade to one of the most popular recurve crossbows today. The bow itself has a draw weight of around 175lbs that provides high accuracy and power and makes the Jag II the perfect long range bow.The PRO version features a reinforced ..
£169.95 £229.95
Ek Archery 3 Bolt Quiver, available as Quiver only, Mount only or full package, specifically designed for the Cobra R9 crossbow this convenient side mounted quiver securely holds 3 bolts ready for use...
6 Bolt Crossbow Quiver EK Archery..
90lb Cobra R9 Recurve Crossbow 90lb Cobra R9 Recurve Crossbow
New 90lb -17 %
The all new Cobra R9 archery system combines the best features of both a standard recurve crossbow and a pistol bow and has been designed with a unique modular system that maximises the crossbows customisability and usability. This system allows for the easy attachment of stocks and rails and allows..
£149.95 £179.95
The Accelerator 370+ is part of EK Archerys Plus range that combines EKs famously well built crossbows with a variety of additional accessories that enhance your shooting experience.The Accelerator 370 will fire bolts at around 370fps for incredible accuracy and range whilst its expertly machine..
Weighting around 7.7lbs, the Accelerator 390+ is a lot of power in a small package and produces around 400fps of muzzle energy for incredible accuracy. The crossbow is also built to last and is made with a variety of features found on high end crossbows such as a full length picatinny rail for optic..
The Accelerator from EK archer features a reinforced composite stock that keeps the crossbow both light and strong and the textured AR style grip increase control over shot placement. The trigger has a pull weight of around 3.5lb with a crisp let off and also features an anti-dry fire mechanism. Th..
This Leather quiver from EK Archery can hold almost any type of arrow and fits neatly over the shoulder for easy carrying...
The Axis from EK Archery is a beautifully crafted compound bow that shoots with power and accuracy, arrow after arrow.The Axis has a draw weight of around 60 lbs and measures 32" axle to axle. This makes the bow extremely powerfull able to produce 310+ fps with some arrows. The bow itself weighs..
This Beetle recurve bow from EK Archery is a perfect bow for the youth and beginner shooter as its draw weight and draw length are perfectly matched to make it simple and easy to use for almost all ages.The limbs are constructed from high quality compressed fibreglass, and the riser from CNC ma..
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